A Noble Work: Ground Breaking for the Girls’ Rehabilitation Centre

 by Candise Heinlein

Architect Abdul Khan declared,  “This is a noble work,” at the Pangani Lutheran Children’s Centre (PLCC) groundbreaking ceremony held 30 March 2010. Following years of planning and fundraising, the staff of the PLCC have broken ground on the Girls’ Rehabilitation Centre in Ongata Rongai.

Bishop assists little Ann from PLCC in groundbreaking ceremony

After Elizabeth Jilo, chairperson of the KELC Women’s Committee, welcomed all guests and opened the ceremony, PLCC Director Mary Mshana gave a brief history of the centre and the building project. Bishop Kahuthu thanked all those involved in bringing the project to this point and reiterated, “This is indeed a noble work.” He read Psalm 104:30 and Col 3:17 and commented, “We like to do everything for the glory of God. We differ in faith, but there is one God. We do this for the glory of God.” Rounding out the ceremony, a group of the PLCC girls entertained the attendees with three songs. Pastor Samuel Wolff closed the ceremony with a prayer in which he declared, “This is a truly blessed project…if we build without you, we build in vain.”

 The building project is to proceed in four phases: Phase I: 1st girls’ cottage (4 houses, 12 girls each and house mother; accommodating 48 girls), 2 classrooms (special class and nursery), 1 staff house; Phase II:  2nd girls’ cottage (48-girl capacity with a house mother), 2 vocational training classrooms (tailoring and designing, computer training), 2nd staff house; Phase III: 2 vocational training classrooms (catering and mechanics), administration building, 3rd staff house; and Phase IV: Dining hall (multipurpose), kitchen, guest house/volunteer house. A church building will be the final addition. Phase I is to be completed by December 2010. The project is completely funded by well wishers from Germany and the United States.


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